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20 Jul


I think today definetly meet my expectations. I was able to follow Panos and understand the ideas he was bringing across within the lesson. I think that it was good having the definitions placed on the power point so we could read the definition and then have it explained to us. I also enjoyed the video clips, as it was great to see an example of how we could see rhetorics at work e.g.  the Universitybeing rhetoric by trying to sell itself to students. I did find It was hard to concentrate within the last 30 minutes, but I think it was only because i took in so much within the first hour and a half. It is not an insult to Panos, but it usually happens in most of my classes- my attention span can only last for so long :).


The only concern i have is that i did not take in much of the informationwithin the last 30 minutes as I was unattentive with my listening.

And…my group is presenting on the Monday back- which seems like it will be a bit stressful and not allow us to gain much information while we are on placement- but we will work through it.


Today i now understand the term digital rhetorics! YAH finally! I now understand what is required of the assignments and group presentation.And i can see, from watching a youtube video, that as a teacher i should be asking my students what they ‘want’ to happen within the classroom to benefit their learning. Doing this allows me to take on board their ideas and adjusting to their needs may allow them to enjoy school better and achieve within the classroom better.


I think nothing could have been imporved today. Maybe in the last 30 minutes more practical task may be put in place to gain the classes attention more :).


I have learnt that examples help to understand terms e.g. rhetorics and putting a video as an example to this allowed me to better understand the term. I also learnt that it is not only just myself that lacks attention in the last 30 minutes of a class, as many people seemed to easily be distracted. I learnt that my group all have differing ideas and that we can talk about it and debate about it in a sensible way and work through issues that arise :).


None. I am happy with how things are going. Maybe i will ask Panos about the assignment and how to have better understanding of the topic and how to gather the information and technology while on placement :).



14 Jul

I thought this reading has great criteria for judging different forms of technology within school, but i found some of the wording hard to grasp and I had to read over certain words more than once.  I needed help from my lecturer and group to grasp some of the ideas, but i am feeling more confident about it now :).

I think it is great how it is set out in lists and in areas- easy to locate certain points.


14 Jul

To what extent has today met my expectations?

I think today was far more difficult than what i expected. The reading seemed to be a bit above me until we talked it through. I now understand what Lipman’s point’s refer to how to judge whether technology is going to be effective within the the classroom, not only for the teacher, but mainly the children. I think it was alot more theoretical than what i expected. The videos where great to show how peoples thinking changes and how technology has evolved. It was also good to see how emotionless the people were within the clips as it shows the negative side of technology.

What concerns do i have?

The only concern about this paper is that i find the readings hard to understand, and then the lecturer has to explain these to me. I also am worried that the teaching approach seems to be a bit (on Monday) more theoretical, but i do enjoy the discussion. I would encourage the discussion when given a reading, like Lipman, because talking with others allowed me to break it down more and interpret it more correctly.

What have i achieved?

I think i have achieved an understanding of why we need to know about and understand Lipman’s points. I think that it is important to understand these so in the future, as a teacher, we can access the computer programmes and technology, that is offered within schools, and see how effective they will be for the children and for ourselves.

What could have been imporved?

I found that the approach to the lesson was very formal and in some ways i got a tad distracted as i was not excited about the lesson. Usually i obtain alot more information when i am involved more and not just from discussing a reading.  I really enjoyed the videos :).

What have i learnt? (about myself, others, and the group).

I have learnt throughout the lesson and through discussion that i am not the only one a bit lost about the whole reading and ideas within this paper. Working in the group allowed me to understand certain points, of lipman, better and see how they link to other subjects, as everyone got something different and ideas from different points. It allowed me to see everyone has different ideas and they think differently. I also experienced that our group works well together and we talk rationally over different areas.

What issues do i wish to address tomorrow?

I just want to put these points into practice. Use them to critique a programme, especially one within my placement, to see how effective it is and see if they are implemented from Lipman’s points.

Initial thoughts

13 Jul


I expect this paper to allow me to become more comfortable using different types of technology within the classroom and allow me to gain the skills to teach others how to use them.


Some of the ideas and theories from theorists seem a bit over my head, hard to grasp. Im a ‘hands on’ learner so im hoping skills are taught in this way.

Personal objective and goals for this course:

To learn how to use different technologies, that can be applied within the classroom, to allow learning to be enhanced. I also want to be able to judge whether programmes are effective of uneffective.