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Reading: Meaningful Learning- Chapter one

12 Oct

As i am preparing for the exam i have decided to go through readings and post up what i get out of each on the blog.

This reading was able to inform me of how children learn most effectively and what i can do, the activities i can create, to ensure this meaningful learning occurs. The diagram mentioned (figure 1.1) was great as it showed how the areas connect to each other. The sections, which clearly outlined each area of the figure, were great as i got an insight into how each section connected to childrens learning, for example, active, allowing children to learn from doing- trying out. I also liked the way the reading explained how technology was used in the past, as the teacher, and the ‘new’ approach to using technology within the classroom.

I thought this reading was easy to read and explained useful information. I will be taking it into the exam with me.