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Reflection of Goals: 14-06-10

13 Jun


To be honest I have not had a lot of time to report and make progress with the goals in my professional development, but small steps have changed as tests have been put in progress and new programmes, for children in my classroom, have started up, that allow others to gain support that is needed.

Goal One: (Numeracy)

As addition and subtraction were just taught, at the beginning of term one, I have discovered, already, a change in where some of the students, I have tested, sit by using the IKAN test.

Entry Data of Target group:( including attitudinal survey) Students: Year Level: Level: Background Knowledge:
Liam H 3 3    
Kaleb 4 3    
Jessica 4 3 Indian  
John 4 3    

 This is where they were sitting at the beginning of the year and here are the changes made:

New Data:


Students: Year Level: Level: Background Knowledge:

3 (moving to 4)

Liam H 4 3    
Kaleb 3 (moving to 4) 3    
Jessica 4 (moving to 5) 3 Indian  
John 3 (moving to 4) 3    


This shows that Jade and Liam H have moved up with their knowledge, which is great to see a change in where they sit and that it shows I am making progress. It has also shown me small progress that the others are making, as some of there results show they are developing slowly, by even answering more questions correctly than the first time they did the IKAN test.

Goal Two: (EPF)

D.J- my EPF child has had support with his reading. Sarah has been taking him for 30 minutes each morning to allow him to develop more in this area and move up throughout the year. He has been enjoying these lessons and to be honest has develop a lot more one on one time with her and as a result has gained more confidence with his reading, which is the focus for his area of growth.

Goal Three: (co-construction)

I have had so much to think about lately I have had little time to work on this goal, but I have got examples I still will use within the classroom with the students that allow me to still continue to use co construction e.g. P.E lesson, talk about OUR criteria we developed, for the behaviour that will be displayed etc.

Modelling books- for children to use to model and work in as well as me (it is seen as THEIR modelling book- NOT mine)

I have also been able to allow a voting system to be put into place to allow the children to decide what game to play at the end of the day. I do not make the decision, but they do as a class.

Goal Four: (be active and loose weight)

This goal is always being worked on as I make time to go to the Gym most nights, or play netball with the school team. I have been eating healthy and working hard on exercise. I have lost 5kgs already and will continue to loose more. It is great as I have 6 months to go until my sisters wedding and I am already half way to achieving my goal. As winter has started I know it will be harder, but if I stay my same weight over winter and then in summer loose more it will work out well. I am so proud of myself!