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New Reading

26 Jul

‘The Method of repeated readings’ by Jay Samuels.

After talking to Andrew,  my release teacher, I have discovered a reading called: ‘The Method of repeated readings’ by Jay Samuels. Now this reading focuses on listening to children reading the same text over and over again, it shows that after each time, the child reads the text, fluency, comprehension and accuracy becomes better and the child has more confidence. It also informs you that if you get the child to read another text they will read at the same fluency as the text they have been repeating. I think it is a great idea i can apply to D.J as he is reading. To allow him to build up confidence, fluency and comprehension when he is reading. I will apply this method when teaching D.J and the children in his group.


Goal 2 review:

26 Jul

 Goal Two:

GREAT NEWS! After D.J has had support, from Sarah Best with reading, he has moved up ONCE AGAIN from level 15 to now level 18! Its great to see how this extra support makes a difference.

Review of all goals on 27-07-10:

26 Jul

It has been a while since I have reviewed my goals- due to the holidays and reports taking a lot of time. So I thought it was time to reflect, once again, on my goals and review the progress of where the goals are.

 Goal One:

During this term I have seen an improvement in the way these children, in my focus group are working. It is great to see them become more confident and develop in a range of areas especially in addition and subtraction, and also multiplication and division.

I have just recently put Kaleb into a maths support group, so he is able to gain more focused work in mathematics, and hopefully push him to move onto level four. He is behind, especially for being at level three, while he is in year four at school. Trevor has decided to focus on struggling children, because the Ministry have asked him to and I believe this will be valuable to children, alike to Kaleb.

Two other children, who are not in my focus group, are also in this group and I hope to see them develop.

 Goal Two:

 It is great to see D.J with more confidence when reading. He is able to understand what he is reading and be read with a good flow. He has moved on from level 11 and is now on level 15. I believe this is a big improvement and he is capable of being pushed even higher, which is now my new aim. I will listen to D.J when he shares his ideas in group reading, and ask him some one on one question, on days I do not see him, so I can keep an eye on how he is developing and understanding what he is reading. It is great to see him being pushedJ.

 Goal Three:

 I have been focusing on co constructing within the classroom to introduce rules for the classroom, P.E lessons, maths areas etc. I think it is working well and it is effective, because children care and will understand what they are following, when they have developed the ideas themselves. It has been great to use co constructing for re establishing our class treaty for behaviour management, as things where a bit hazy in the classroom here, but after talking to the children and making up, together, what needs to happen within the classroom and how to deal with different behaviour, it is clear the children now understand better what to follow and why they developed the rules. They seem to care more and respect the “rules” more. Since this treaty has been re instated the children are working well and the boundaries put in place are working. I also now understand that it is important to go back and revise what you have developed as a class, as over time both you and the students forget.

 Goal Four:

 My weight lose is still happening, I can’t believe it! I am now 8 kg’s lighter than when I started my goal. It is great to see all the hard work is paying off. I have started attending step classes at City fitness and I really enjoy these. They push me harder than other classes and I can see a real result from going along to these. I still have a little bit more to go. My sister sent me a pair of jeans, from America, they are a little bit tight at the moment, but if I carry on with my goal they will look great on me in no time. This is now my new goal- to fit into these jeans and look goodJ.

 I believe I have made good progress with most of my goals- it is good to review them, so I can see where I need to focus more and focus less on.