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Teaching Reading and Comprehension:

5 Oct

Teaching Reading and Comprehension:

Alison Davis

27th September

Overall I thought Alison was a great speaker and I was able to gain a lot of practical tasks from her, that I can now use in my own classroom. There were many activities that catered for all types of levels within the classroom. It was great that we were able to sit with our groups and practise how these could be carried out within the classroom and how you could adapt each activity to suit a range of levels. There was so much information to take in, that it was over whelming. Alison called this cognitive overload, and it definitely was!  I was able to get a lot of notes, refer to them for more information.

Some main points and ideas I got out the course today:

 -With my bottom group, Trey and Cameron, I know now that I need to reinforce and teach them all of the high frequency words. Use cue cards and games that reinforce this, so reading becomes easier, as this is where they are struggling. I definitely did not realise this is where I need to focus my teaching, which is great.

-Get children to write up clues that they find out about characters. Each paragraph tells us more, which is excellent for my middle and top group in reading. This allows them to do the reading and discovering themselves.

-Use a dictionary online that has an image next to words, helps children think about things in their heads. I can use this on my large screen TV. It will be a great learning task when working with my groups.

-I gained a lot of practical activities that I can use with my children. Now I need to adapt these and make them be adapted for different levels or text.

-I need to record the words children are unable to say and then can come back to this. These words are able to be the focus of activities and learning.

 -Laminate a sheet of paper, at top say: “When I am stuck on a word, I can…” Velcro what the children are focusing on and they can look and see what they need to do. This could be stuck in the modelling book for children to see.

I got so much out of this course, but these are the main points that I took away from Alison. I will make these tasks and activities in a week’s time, or ask my team leader about how we can make things easier to introduce to our classes.

Overall I thought it was a great course and I got so much out of it.