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Week Four:

26 Aug

I am so glad this week is over! Parent teacher conferences are finished for the year and it feels a big weight has been taken off my shoulders. The conferences went so well and I am really pleased with the comments that I got from parents. I have proved myself to them, and that I am a good teacher who is making a difference in their children’s lives with education and with behaviour, which is really nice to see after the beginning of the year parent complaints and comments. I thought all of the conferences were really positive apart from one Childs. The mother did not want to take responsibility for the Childs actions and the problems in lives and blames the child for the problems. More issues arose and I have a meeting with her next week on Wednesday to sort out things- if we can but other than that issue they all went well and really pleasant.

 I am so thankful and relieved that I had 3 days of release in a row to get things sorted.  Monday- full day, Tuesday- AM and Wednesday- AM. I had a bit of a bad week emotionally at home too, so it has made me cope and not get stressed about the conferences at all, but sort out what needed to be done ‘behind the scenes’. Kim, my release teacher, has been amazing at getting things finished for portfolios, and I am really pleased with how my portfolios have turned out, and I am sure parents and children will love sharing them with other family members.

 I was able to plan next week, which harder than I thought, as I was not in the room much this week actually teaching and I struggled to think about the ‘next steps’ in our classes learning, especially my numeracy class. I have only taught one day with my numeracy class this week, and I have not worked with my goal children as much as I would have wanted, which means I have not been able to achieve my goal or work towards it at all. I know next week I have a day and a half out of the room, so I will have more time to work with those children and make some progress. I was able to sort out my fractions groups for numeracy, and it is clear to see my group of children are all at different stages of understanding. They all seem to need a reminder about the rules and terms we use working with fractions, and even my two goal children are at different levels. Jade has a strong understanding in fractions, while Connor is struggling with the basics. I need to work with the children still, even though they are not working on the area I wanted to push them in, but I can still do this, but try and do it teaching using fractions. Overall a great week and I am so glad it is over. Spellathon words are tested, speeches started, and conferences completed- I am working through things. Bring on the weekend!



Week three:

19 Aug

This week has been a lot more positive than others. I think it is that I back into routine and able to ‘normal’ being back into my daily school timetable. I have been really impressed with how settled and focused the children have been this week; it is great to have them working independently and quietly. One thing I am really enjoying is the word investigation chart during reading. The children are able to discover the meaning of 4 unknown words. They find this challenging, but also fun being able to use a range of sources (dictionaries and digital teaching station) to find out the meanings of these words. I was glad when Margot and Rex came in through the rooms, that they were able to observe this learning taking place, as they saw a meaningful learning task taking place and saw how deeply the children were thinking.

 I have planned my numeracy maths lessons for next week and have printed plans with the focus on fractions this term. My focus children are starting on stage 4, but learning stage 5 strategies. I hope that the children will be pushed, and that I will be able to support them as much as I can with their learning, as this is my goal for term 3.

 I have Katrina to observe me on Monday (my inquiry observation). I have prepared my lesson and hope that it shows strongly my goal focus and how I try and guide the children using the school guide/ policies focusing on inquiry.

On Thursday my class and Room N, Dicey’s class went and saw theRugbyMuseumdisplay in Te Manawa. It was AMAZING! I had a lot of fun, and so did the children, on the interactive display we got to play around on. We had a go sprinting, kicking, tackling and even scrumming. We also were able to learn a lot about how the game has changed and some facts about how it has developed. It was really rushed through, as we were one of the first classes to go through, and no system was set in place for time or what the guy talked about. I still enjoyed it so much and I know the children did too.

I am all planned for next week and ready to have some release time Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I will be able to get sorted for parent conferences and make sure my children are all up to date, which will be great. Had a good week, but glad it is over. Really cant wait to go away to New Plymouth and have a great time with partners family.


Week Two:

12 Aug

I have really looked forward to this week ending. I didn’t think it at the time, but we had buddy assembly this week and I think subconsciously I was worrying about what it would be like, and if it would run smoothly. THANK GOODNESS it did! It was a real success and even my house leader challenge (using marshmallows) was successful and everyone enjoyed the task. I have had some ups and downs with parents this week that really upset me and made me worry for no reason. It has been dealt with now, and I did nothing wrong and was in the right, but I was abused with some of the comments made from these parents about how I was treating their child, which where untrue and when I talked with the parents they had nothing to say to the argument and the comments I told truthfully about how the situation was handled. It was just the child changing things and making things out to be a bigger deal than it should have been. I was able to be in my room a lot this week, with only one afternoon of release. I still planned the next week and had time to work on other work that needed to be caught up on. I am relieved assembly is over and the week is done and dusted- bring on the restful weekend!

Term 3

5 Aug

Term Three:

Week One:

It was a nice break, and man did it go extremely fast. The trip to Taupo was a nice few days away with friends, and I really enjoyed the shopping and The Huka Jet. When I was back in Palmerston North, I just slept, read, went to the gym, baked and caught up with a few people and on cleaning in the flat. I can’t believe I am already back and finishing up week one of term 3. The last year and a half have gone so fast, I will be registering soon, and have come so far with my teaching career, its amazing to look back on. This term I am aiming to fill in my teacher registration forms, hand them to Faye and get her to sign me off. I know it takes a while for the process to become in concrete and I need to ensure I am registered as soon as possible. The first week back has been great. The children are settled into the routine once again and were perfect. I think, even though they wouldn’t agree, they are relieved and glad to be back keeping busy. I know I am enjoying being back into my normal routine, but I must admit heading into the gym this week after working all day has been hard to do, but I have managed to keep going and be focused in all areas of my life. My goal for term 3 does not need to be focused on until week 4, as we do not have numeracy groups for the first three weeks, as our focus is with our classes on measurement. I enjoy this time with my children and like having them stay in the room with me. I know when I start teaching my numeracy class I will focus on my target group, especially the two children I want to push up. I will report on this after week four. On Thursday Katrina and I started to plan and organise our assembly, which is next Friday. We have some great ideas, and are both doing what we can to make sure it goes well and we have some excited performances and songs to present. I am going to present my kiwifruit art in assembly. I think what the children have done is AMAZING and worth showing to the entire school. Overall the week went well, back into routine and back to a busy lifestyle for only 10 weeks this term, one week less than eleven, YAH!