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Term 4: Week one

28 Oct

Term 4

Week one:

Back to school, and already it is flying by! Monday was Labour Day, so it has been a short week as it is, but I have been so busy and sorting out things for camp, that is feels like it has rushed through. When I think about all of the things I have managed to do, I am really thrilled with how fast and efficiently I have completed what needs to be done. My diary was FULL of little tasks, and things I needed to sort out before camp, next week, but I have managed to come in earlier in the mornings to get everything completed, and I am proud of the way some of the tasks have turned out. One of the things I am really proud about would be the camp booklet, which was my main focus and task to sort out for camp. I created most of the tasks involved in the booklet, which will be completed by the children on camp. I organised Carla, a parent, to come in this week and start printing these off and sticking them into clear pockets. I also printed and laminated all of the activity groups, and timetables off for each dorm room for next week. I have managed to even be super organised and not only plan Monday, and Tuesday next week, but have also managed to plan week 3, when we get back. I know I will not have to stress and worry about sorting out planning for the Monday after we get back and I can just go home on Friday, and start to catch up on sleep etc. I am hoping to achieve my goal successfully for term 4, by working well with my children on camp. During the two week break I was working on my Aunty Tisty’s  farm and went out most days 6.30am and would not come back home to sit down and rest until 7.30pm, and I loved it. I know I can do this, and just hope I remain patient and enjoy the whole experience. I can’t wait for it to finish though, as we have so many assessments to complete and reports to start writing and we have been so busy organising things so that it will be successful. One thing that made my week was that I did my STAR tests today and most of my children moved up a good amount. Anais and Jordan went up a BIG amount, and I am so proud of what they have achieved and how their confidence has grown. Swimming also started this week, and is great. Not a lot of teaching, but a lot of observing, which is great to see where the children are with ability, and it has taken the stress out of teaching the whole subject.  I am completed exhausted and ready for the weekend. Only 7 more to go- Phew, I need to start pacing myself there is a long way to go.


Term Four Goal:

5 Oct

Goal for Term 4




My focus for term 4 is to be well planned for camp and really focus on being positive over the term about the idea of camp. I am a bit anxious about the whole experience, even though I know it will be sorted and ok, but I still worry and I wonder how I will be with so many children around and so little time to myself.

I want to push my students, as far as I can, to overcome challenges at camp and to get out of their comfort zones (and also myself).

I want the children and myself to make the most of this amazing experience and learn as much as we can from it so in the future we can enjoy this event more and be well prepared for the next one.


What are you going to do with your

students? Why are you doing this?

A specific description here will

make planning the learning easier


I will know I have reached this goal by coming home on the Friday of camp feeling really positive and happy with the whole experience. I want my children and I want to be buzzing about the event and be completed shattered from all of the activities, this will show we have done as much as we can to make the most of the experience. The assessment will be how well the children challenged themselves on the activities and how worn out they will be when we get on the bus to come home at the end of camp.




How will you know when you’ve

reached your goal?

Was the outcome a success?

What sort of assessment will you

put in place for yourself and your









I will make sure I encourage the children positively to take on any challenge they receive at camp and push them to a certain point. I will not push anyone beyond their ability and really encourage them to do the best that they can. I hope to plan many activities before we go to camp to encourage team work and working with each other so we have a lot of experience before we leave. The fitness teams are already how challenge groups are so they will have a lot of time to work with their group and get to know each other.


What key steps will you take?










I will need to be positive with encouragement and know the point when to allow a child to stop and not carry on with the challenging task.

I will have support and help from my team members, and parents who will be at camp.


Don’t plan things that will be

difficult to achieve. Take into

account the age of your students,

the availability of equipment and

your skills.

What equipment and knowledge will

you need?

What will you need help with?





 I plan to get this goal completed by the end of camp, or in about week 4, after the summary of camp has been completed in classrooms.

I want to start working with my children from term 4 straight away in the first week before we go away.

I will reflect on this goal a week after we are back from camp and see how the relationships between students and myself changes and if children have come out of their comfort zones or not.

I will get a summary in team meeting about camp with my team and we will discuss the good and bad points. What worked, what didn’t? I will discuss this with my team and see how they feel about my goal next team meeting also.

When will you have the planning

completed by?

When do you plan to start work on

this goal with your students?

What is your plan for ongoing work?

What is the completion date for


What date will you reflect and

assess the work?

When will you be presenting the

goal and the outcome to your






Reflection of Term Three goal:

5 Oct

The goal I set for myself in term three was plan to focus on becoming more confident with teaching numeracy and ensure my lessons were taught with quality teaching. I also wanted to move two of my target children up to stage 5 in numeracy, as they were the lowest ability children in my classroom. I was able to have a more positive approach when teaching numeracy and move one of my children up to the next stage, but did not manage to push Jade enough to get to the point of passing. She just missed out with 74 percent, which means she only got about 4 questions wrong in the entire test, which is still a great achievement.


The things I did well this term in mathematics/ numeracy were:

The stage the children were tested for was to do with a focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and the teaching focus for the term was fractions, so it was hard to work in certain areas to move the children up when I had another topic to teach. What I did do well though was to enjoy and understand the teaching of fractions and because I was enjoying the subject and having fun, the children could see this and they also had this excitement towards this subject. I really had a great time teaching it, and understood it well. I was taking more time to look more in-depth into my planning, find meaningful resources to teach with, and work with children move closely on problems they discovered. I was a lot more patient and helped them work through issues when they arose.

I worked with Connor, my target student, a lot in a group situation. He was able to share a lot of ideas and answers with me, and I go to see him develop and understand the ideas and strategies we used in fractions. He was able to move up to stage 5, passing with 84 percent, which was a massive increase from last term. I was realty happy with how I went and how much I had moved him. I know he is more positive about fractions and numeracy as a whole.

The areas I felt I didn’t do as well as I would have liked in mathematics/ numeracy was:

I was disappointed with myself as Jade did not pass stage 5 knowledge test. She got 74 percent and missed out on about 4 questions to pass. She was able to discuss with me in class issues and shared her understanding with me, she enjoyed fractions, but this was still not enough for her to pass. Though she doesn’t seem to meet the standard on paper, I was observed Jade develop in confidence and understanding in numeracy this term and I am proud of her work level and her attitude has improved so much. I know that next term when we focus back on addition and subtraction I can move up, she just needs to ask me when she needs help and I need observe her work independently more. It was really disappointing looking at her test, because I know she was capable of more. I know now I can see the areas she is struggling with and push her to get better in these areas, and to have a good understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

I really enjoyed teaching numeracy and mathematics, and I gained a lot of confidence in teaching the subject by taking more time to plan in-depth and really focus on helping children understand when they seem lost. I need to keep working with Jade and I know she will get to the next stage, she just needs more one on one, and I am willing to spend the extra time with her.


Week Ten:

5 Oct

Yah! The term in now over (in about 2 days)! I have had a short, but busy week. I had release Wednesday and will have Friday off, which will be good! I have finished the camp booklet, the Rippa Rugby Tournament is finished and we can now focus on the next term, which does not looking appealing to me at all. I am quite anxious about how I will fit everything in, and now camp is on top of all of it to sort out and get well prepared for. I know I have two whole weeks to have a bit of a break from school, even if the holidays will be full on, at least I can have a break from being in the school grounds. It has been a great, BUSY, term, but when I look at how much our team has accomplished I can say we have had a really good term and the children have been really settled with all of the work and routine changes that have occurred. YAH two whole weeks of a nice break, bring it on!