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Week Seven:

8 Dec

A lot has happened over the last few days. I had release on Tuesday, and lucky I had it. I got badly burnt from hot porridge in the morning. I was taking out my bowl from the microwave and it split out of my hand causing me to be in a lot of pain and run to the shower. I still got to the staff meeting and was in so much pain. I used ice packs on my legs. At the end of the meeting I realised it wasn’t good to still be in pain and I asked some of the staff about what I should do. I was sent home and had Rex go and buy me some soothing cream to rub on the burns. I was really angry at myself for being so stupid and clumsy. I was not even in a rush when it happened, but it still managed to happen.  I am also guttered because I wanted to wear a nice dress and shoes, which I had already organised for my teacher registration for Friday night. I hope I can still wear my nice dress and be comfortable in my shoes. I did get a lot done when I was at home though and it was nice to have a bit of a relaxing time e.g. writing my speech, finishing cumulative records and I planned week 8 (not that there is much to plan). So I did manage to get a lot done.

Even though I had the accident I am still really positive about this week. I am enjoying working with the children, as I am less stressed and have managed to start taking art off the walls too. I have been able to finish the work that needed to be completed, which is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I am also super excited about Friday night, my registration, and  on Saturday and Sunday I will be on stage with Dean for step, shadowing. Everything is going so well and all of the hard work is really paying off!


I have started to think about my year 6’s and the year 5’s I will not be teaching in 2012 and it makes me really sad that they have come such a long way this year, being in my class, and I now have to watch them grow up and leave. I hope I don’t cry and get too upset. I will really miss most of my children and it is sad that they have to leave (they are such cool kids!).

The highlight of my day (Thursday) was whenLaytongave me a box of chocolates and he is not even in my class. I only take him for Mathematics and he especially brought me some- it was a nice feeling. I realised how I have impacted not onlyLayton’s life, but the other children I teach, even if it is not full time. I haveLaytonnext year, which is great, he is such a super kid and I really enjoy having him in my class. I know I can build his confidence so much throughout the year and have a positive relationship with him.

Tomorrow is the year 6 day out. I am looking forward to it and having a lot of fun with the children. I just hope that I am not too tired for the registration dinner, but I am sure I will be so hyped up from all of the fun I won’t even be thinking about it.

Three days of school to go- time has flown. I have accomplished so much throughout the year. I am proud of my children and what I have done to help them as a teacher and I am proud of my own successes in my personal life.



Week Six:

2 Dec

One and a half weeks to go- bring it on! I cannot wait for this term to come to an end. We have been so busy sorting out reports; cumulative files for each child, staff meetings, and report to the board have been completed. It is just so full on and there is always something that needs to be done at work. The next thing I really have to start to do is take down the children’s work from the wall.   I just want to not have to worry about anything and just to focus on what I want to do in my own life, when it is after school hours, not sit down and think about what I should be doing to get things for school sorted.

PAT’s were very successful on Monday- A LOT of my children moved up a lot. Ollyver and Nikita were BIG surprises and I am just so happy with their results, from 17 at the start of the year (Ollyver) to now 31. It is just so great to see him progressing and he actually finished the test, which is what he couldn’t do at the start of the year.

On Tuesday, release day, I got a lot done. I caught up on PAT tests that needed to be completed (5 of them), planned week 7- with a focus on plays and I planned Christmas activities. I also wrote the children’s Christmas cards for the end of the year rewards. I am really glad everything I got on top of some things. Just waiting for reports to come back from Rex and then finishing cumulative reports. It was good having one of the students I am having next year in my room this week on Thursday morning. He is being watched for his behaviour, but he worked really well. It was good having him in the room. I enjoyed working with him and talking with him.

I got my letter this week telling me I am registered! I am so relieved and happy that everything worked out and that I am now a qualified teacher. Next Friday night will be a great night, being able to celebrate my registration with family and work friends. It is still a bit of a let down that my friends from C.N.S cannot make it, as they have a work do. I am sure it will be a lovely night anyway and I am excited to celebrate all the achievements I have completed over the last two years.

I am glad our team got together on Wednesday night to sort out our presentation to the board of trustees for Monday. It took a little bit of time, but it looks great. We all contributed to it and made it look amazing.

I have been able to get a lot of things sorted, and that goes for things outside of school, for example my step tracks, paying my Dad back completely and sorting out Christmas plans. I am very excited about all of the things that have been going on in my personal life, my step training is nearly completed, and I will be on stage shortly, shadowing.

One and a half weeks to go, I can make it! I just have got to stay positive. The children are just so ratty and very unsettled at the moment, which is making me feel stressed and negative about the class and how they are working together. It is too noisy and there is some frustration being shown by the children and by myself. We are all ready for the year to end.