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Reflection of Appraisal Goals:

11 Jul

Reflection of Appraisal Goals:

11/ 07/13


To be honest this final part of term two has been super busy with so much jammed into such a short period of time. We have been busy completing: portfolio sheets, going to trips to KitchenerPark for our Wetlands Inquiry topic, YMCA sports have been in every week teaching the children new skills and the list just continues to go on. It was hard to focus on trying to achieve and reach my goal with a ‘real’ purpose of drive.

When I reflect on how much we have achieved and completed within 10 weeks it is AMAZING to think what the children and I have achieved and I also feel relieved that the term is coming to a close because to be honest I feel absolutely shattered.

Goal One:

RTC: To demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and development of professional practice.

Specific Goal:

To discover and develop new tools/ resources in ICT by working with, and learning from, colleagues. To attend professional development workshops that provides new ideas and tools to use in the classroom, which will then provide new and engaging learning opportunities.


I have been able to add another tool/ resource that I have been using effectively within my class programme and it has a huge focus on using my teaching station and technology.

C.S.I Reading Resource:

During the last five weeks of this term I have had the opportunity to use the reading resource called C.S.I (Comprehension Strategies Instruction). This resource was used in the class on the teaching station. It came with a teacher’s guide, a box including lesson outlines and texts and then a CD with all of the different text types within it. It was a great resource and tool to use in the classroom because it was seen as ‘out of the ordinary’ and ‘different’ from our learning reading programme. The children loved having the texts displayed for them to view on the teaching station. They focused on the text and loved having images, videos, and even post it notes on the screen they could get me to write their ideas into. I was also able to use the masking feature on the text so children could not see selected parts of the text, until it was a certain time in the lesson. I recommend this resource to any senior or middle teacher- it was wonderful and so effective but simple to use.



The children created brochures ON THEIR OWN to promote and share information to people about the Wetlands and about some of the specific animals that live in them. The children were confident and knew how to, after scaffolding from myself, to create their own brochure using this programme. I was so blown away with how amazing their projects were and what skills the children already that had allowed them to confidently use the programmes to create a great final result! They used the internet to find images to add onto their brochures at the end which was another skill they learnt and picked up.























Goal Two:

To be an effective teacher of Oral language.

To develop an in-depth understanding of the process and skills in the teaching of Oral language.

To have an in-depth knowledge of the “Talkit” programme and resource.


As I said it has been hard to focus on teaching Oral Language with an aim to achieve or reach my goal. As we are moving on from Informal to Formal Oral Language I feel we are in kind of a down patch were there is not much movement happening in this area. I know next term when speeches are presented I will focus on teaching the children the skills they need in Formal Oral Language so they are able to present their speech with wonderful skills. Oral Language will be a big focus next term and integrated with all areas in the classroom.

Team Assessment (for portfolios):

As a team we did do a whole class evaluation sheet for the children to complete that laid out some Learning Intentions for children to self and peer assess. These focused on being heard in a large group so they focused on pitch, expression, volume and throwing their voices etc. We also attached a photo of each child presenting to a group (The assessment is attached).

NAME:                                                   YEAR:

Learning Intention: I am learning to be heard and understood in a group.                                 

Success Criteria: Voice production, Vocal energy, Eye contact, and clarity of speech (enunciation).

My progress on continuum – (Black pen)

My Buddy’s evaluation of my progress – (Red pen)

Voice Projection

I am able to project my voice so I can be heard and understood by a large group.





Vocal Energy

I use expression and vary my voice to make it sound alive not flat. 





Eye Contact

I make confident eye contact with an audience,





Clarity of speech

I can enunciate clearly.  I speak with precise, clear sounds.  I move my mouth, lips and tongue correctly to help with my clarity of speech.