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Reflection of Appraisal Goals:

24 Oct

Reflection of Appraisal Goals:

25/ 10/13

Goal One:

RTC: To demonstrate commitment to on-going professional learning and development of professional practice.

Specific Goal: To discover and develop new tools/ resources in ICT by working with, and learning from, colleagues. To attend professional development workshops that provides new ideas and tools to use in the classroom, which will then provide new and engaging learning opportunities.


This term has moved very quickly ALREADY and I feel like I have had little time to focus on using ICT in my classroom. I have been using my digital teaching station to co-construct criteria in writing and using the Ipad for reading groups and for reciprocal reading sessions. I plan to use Comic Life on the computers to create our calendar art using camp photos. I will reflect on this once completed. When camp is over I will be able to focus more on using the ICT tools and programmes within my classroom.  I did just get a new laptop to work on (as my old one was upgraded). I feel that I am already familiar with it and confident. The only negative about the laptop is the screen is smaller.

Goal Two:

To be an effective teacher of Oral language.

To develop an in-depth understanding of the process and skills in the teaching of Oral language.

To have an in-depth knowledge of the “Talkit” programme and resource.


Formal Oral Language was summed up last term with our wonderful Speech finals which went great. The children in my class presented well and used the skills we had discussed and learnt within the classroom. I feel that the children went well and got up in front of their audience with confidence and ease. All the children had improved and were eager to get up and present. I know that I need to focus on teaching the children to slow down and make sure their speech is easy to listen to and clearer. I felt some children rushed through, meaning their time was far too short, and they were hard to understand. I know this will be in my next focus on teaching Formal Oral Language. We will be using the skills from our Formal Oral Language during term four in our leaver’s assembly, in presenting to an audience in assemblies, and with our buddies in buddy class.

It has been a very hectic two weeks as I have had lots happening within school and at home, with moving to Auckland for 2014. I know that the rest of term will slow down a little bit and allow me to achieve and work towards my goals even more.