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Staff Meeting 15/ 04/ 2014

14 Apr

Staff Meeting                  15/ 04/ 2014

Kirsty Parnapa-

Inducted Staff

Where to next?

Professional Inquiry:

Stage 1: The focus

The first step is to realise what is the crisis? We need to be accepting of it and willing to change the crisis – FIX IT.

What is the underachievement?

What is NOT going so well, and to have time to reflect on why it is not working?

What could happen, be done, differently?

What is important to spend time on in our sessions?

Which group of students will be affected?

Stage 2: The Question

What is the focusing question of your inquiry?

Using the 2014 target goals on the google doc- Maori results and targets.

How can we achieve our set target?

What do these children need and when to be driven to reach the target?

How can we motivate the learners to reach the target, our final goal?


We drive our own inquiry!

  • Data- what is it telling us?
  • Personal Capacity Building


Does it meet students needs?

What are the school targets?

Does this inquiry spin my wheels?

Where is your entry point?

Building learning capacity (growing our own knowledge, what do we already know? what strengths do we have/ bring to our goal? SELF), collaborate (In and out of School with others), Make Meaning (case study, evidence- the SO WHAT, how we are making sense of our goal).


Stage 3: Research

What do the students say they need?

What does the research recommend as likely to be effective?

What do successful practitioners recommend as likely be effective?

How will I measure success?

What baseline data will I use?

How long will it take to see if what you are doing is working? – how do we know if what we are teaching is effective and allowing your target children to progress.


Stage 4: The Action


How can I implement the research?

What support do I need?

What will I be doing?

What will my students be doing?


Stage 5: The Learning


What happened for the students?


Stage 6: The Implications


What have I learnt?

What are the implications for me as a teacher?

Our impact relates to how we think!

It is a set mind frame that underpins our every actions and decision in a school. It is a belief that we are educators, change agents and learning agents to allow all children to progress and grow in and with their learning.


We can share our learning in whatever form we like. Whatever is easiest or the preferred method for every teacher.

Use: Staff Hub- Professional Learning- Resources- Videos

To help know how to present our goals to the entire hub/ team at different times of the year.


Reflection with Hub 1:


Discussion with Hub about target learners.

Focus on Oral Language- connect to writing.

Will create a shared Hub Doc with writing levels.


Staff Meeting 08/ 04/ 2014

7 Apr

Staff Meeting                                                                                                   08/ 04/ 2014

Sarah Martin- Whole staff

Planning (concept)

Time to work in teams to discuss concept planning.